Himalaya Purifying Neem Scrub

Over the past couple of weeks, I have noticed that my blackheads were becoming more visible and my skin lacked any sort of rejuvenation. Due to limited time in my daily schedule, I was too exhausted by the end of the day to even treat myself to a refreshing face-mask, nor apply the ever so famous Blackhead Charcoal Mask.

My favorite product for January 2018 has been the Himalaya Purifying Neem Scrub. It is used to exfoliate and purify the skin for a flawless glow. Neem is known for purifying and killing bacteria, which will reduce acne as a bonus. The apricot granules help to scrub away blackheads, dead skin cells and embedded impurities. The scrub is a bit roughly textured but leaves the skin softer than ever. This product is free from Parabens- causes beast cancer, SLS- causes skin irritation, and Phthalates.

The Neem Scrub works wonders in removing makeup as well. For people with normal or oily skin, it is advisable to use this 2-3 times a week, whereas people with dry skin, should use it 1-2 times a week so the skin does not over dry. When applying this scrub, I like to use a Cleansing Brush from @thebodyshopsouthafrica , as it pays more attention to the pores.

I purchased this from a local pharmacy for R59,95. I would definitely repurchase this product as my skin looked much clearer and refreshed after a half an hour session. I would rate this an 8/10.


Bubble face masks

Skin Republic never fails to surprise me with their unique range of face masks. Over the past few weeks, I have been testing out this oxygen cleanse face mask as it exfoliates the skin and eliminates any skin impurities. But let’s face it, I only purchased this product to be part of the Bubble Face Squad.

Activated charcoal is often used for cleansing the skin which I think works as an excellent choice to achieve a full pore cleanse.

Besides coming into contact with Tea Tree oils, this mask includes many fruit acids, i.e. lime, orange, lemon and grape, which inevitably exfoliate and brightens the skin.

It can be purchased from your local drug stores, eg. Dis-chem and Clicks for R55.

Ultimately, the skin is left more radiant, soft and clean with a clear complexion.

#Fauxfilter foundation- HudaBeauty

After six months, I was fortunate enough to get my hands on my first HudaBeauty product- so much so that it was the Faux Foundation which had become loved worldwide. My excitement levels peaked over the delivery box as soon as it arrived, hoping it was my correct shade.


Huda: “I always struggled to find the right foundation myself, so I would always mix them to get the right shade. I have an olive complexion with a very golden undertone – there’s so much more to your skin tone than meets the eye! – so I made sure to take into account the skin tone and undertone when I was creating the shades.”

My shade is Tres Leches 320G.


I love the 30 range of colours that Huda has brought alive. The foundation comes in an elegant tipped smoked bottle. A sample sized pre-makeup base primer found within the packaging, has a light floral scent which makes the skin feel a bit sticky before applying the foundation. The full coverage application blends into the skin effortlessly while concealing all blemishes and imperfections.

It’s preferable to use a translucent powder after applying the foundation in order to achieve a flawless look. People with oily skin, should use a thin layer of powder. The product contains ingredients like Argan oil, which is known to hydrate and repair the skin. The end result of the foundation leaves your skin feeling smooth, even, and improves your skin’s texture.

Due to the complete coverage of this foundation, use 2 pumps maximum for your face, as it is thick textured.

I would rate this a 9/10 because although this product is flawless, it is one that you’d need to save up on.

How To Make 2018 The Best Year Of Your Life – Sumayya Essack

New Years resolutions by Summaya

Treasures Of The Ummah


If you clicked on the link immediately after it was published, chances are, this is the first greeting you’ve received in 2018. I programmed this post to publish itself at exactly 00:00 on 1 January 2018, as I do hope that this will be a source of inspiration and motivation for the beginning of this year.

While there is nothing in Shariah that promotes New Year’s Eve, or the celebration of it, and instead rejects it, I like to think of the new year as a time of reflection, not celebration. It is a time to press the refresh button and to clean our slates of anything we have done in the past so as to allow ourselves to improve our future. It has been psychologically proven that our brains automatically see significant moments as a new beginning, and thus have a period where change is not only encouraged…

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Final review on Neutrogena visibly clear spot proofing range 

For the past two months, I’ve been using this Neutrogena spot proofing range in order to reduce my acne and acne scars. 

I would rate this range of products to be 6/10. This range is definitely one to use for refreshness and as exfoliators but sadly I had not seen much of a change to my scars within 3 weeks of using this product. I withheld this review as I wanted to test this product for a while longer and see if the results would change. Fortunately it did! 

The sweet tropical fragrance is one to die for and draws most of its attention to the customers. The price of all these products are R109,95 each, which is reasonable compared to other acne products. It has reduced the amount of acne that I get now. 

I would definitely repurchase the Daily Wash as it is my favorite and most effective goodie from this range to use.

After 1 week of use: Neutrogena Spot Proofing range

After using these products for one week, my skin feels much cleaner than before. During the first few days of using this product, my skin did break out a bit, as a process of removing the dirt from beneath my skin. 

I have been using the daily wash and smoothing scrub together every day. When I apply them one after the other, my skin feels smoother as well as more refreshed. The Daily wash is used to remove impurities whereas the smoothing scrub is used an exfoliator that helps to enhance the spot fighting process. So far, I’m pleased with these two products. 


 I use the moisturizer and purifying toner together every day as well. I normally apply the purifying toner onto a piece of cotton wool/ balls and dab it onto my face after a hot shower. This product is alcohol-free which I love and leaves my skin refreshed without overdrying it. Thereafter I use the moisturizer to hydrate my skin. As I have dry skin, this also makes my skin feel soft without clogging my pores. 

The wash mask is used at most 2 times a week. It can be used as a daily cleanser but I feel that if I use it too often, my skin becomes overdry. I apply it to my steamed face and remove it on after 20 minutes. 

I have seen a slight difference in my skin during the week- my pimples have reduced in size and redness and the marks as are slowly disappearing. 

The end result: Justine Tissue Oil

Hey guys…

https://youtu.be/i79OEB8RFes – do check out my YouTube video for the final review of this product.

After using this Oil for 2-3 weeks, I’ve noticed a slight change in my skin. My skin is looking lighter and less scarred than what it was. I had quite a few dark spots on my face, and this oil helped to clear it all up. 

My skin does feel a lot more firmer, and hydrated. The texture of this oil is thick, therefore I usually apply 3 drops to my skin, so I don’t have an excess of oil sitting on my face that does not absorb. 

One beauty hack that worked with this product was that: it allowed my foundation and BB cream to settle on my face with a lighter and smoother texture. It gave a glowy finish to the makeup look. 

I would normally use coconut oil and argon oil on my skin for nourishment and to help my ance scars to fade, but I found that this Justine Oil is for effective than those products. 

I definitely would repurchase this as it appealed to my skin type: dry skin. 

First impressions of Neutrogena Visibly Clear, Spot Proofing range

Beauty Bulletin has sent me five Neutrogena products to help with clearing up pimples, which also acts as a defender against new breakouts. For the next 4 weeks, I am going to be sharing my journey and experiences using these products and what the pros and cons are. All of these products can be purchased at any drug store for R109,95 per product. 

I normally get about 1-3 pimples once a month, which sometimes take a while to disappear. I have tried different masks and medication for my acne but I’m not always satisfied with the end result. So by using these Neutrogena products, I’m hoping to get a more clear and spot-free look. 

The five products are:

  • Daily wash
  • Smoothing scrub 
  • Purifying toner 
  • Oil-free moisturizer 
  • 2 in 1 wash mask 

These cleansers work from outside in. It is also meant to leave most of the skins essential nutrients intact by building up a natural shield to block new spots. Most face washes and scrubs normally drain out all of your skins nutrients and makes your skin over dry. As a person with rather dry skin, I prefer using products that will hydrate the skin and make it look more nourished and healthy. 

Being a fan of fruit scented products, I find these products to be tropical based as it seems to have a slight fragrance of pineapple, which I love. 

My first impression after using all these products is that they all have left my skin feeling softer and more radiant. The purifying toner and oil free moisturizer soaks into my skin easily after a massaged rotation. The smoothing scrub is not harsh and rough towards the skin. After using the daily wash for the first time, my skin feels refreshed and light. 

I definitely can not wait to see the difference to my skin over the next month as use these products for the first time. 

After 2 weeks: Justine Tissue Oil 

Justine Tissue Oil is filled with natural oils and Vitamins E & A, which works exceptionally well for damaged skin. 

During my first week of using this product, I was disappointed as it caused a major break out of acne. I was advised by everyone to stop using this product as the ance was rather horrendous. But I insisted to carry on and after using it for 2 weeks in a row, my skins reaction has been changing drastically. My pimples are reducing faster than usual and the marks and scars that I have previously had, are beginning to disappear. 

My skin feels extremely smooth when I apply this Tissue Oil compared to before. I use about 2 drops per use about 3 times a day and it’s sufficient for my skin. In this way, my skin is prevented from being over-clogged with oil. I apply this Oil straight after a hot shower or facial and my open pores are inviting to this Oil. 

As my skin is easily damaged and burnt, this product has reduced the amount of redness and the dark spots I receive on a regular bases. My skin definitely feels lighter, cleaner, firmer and the overall appearance of my skin is improving. 

 After Week 1: Justine Tissue Oil

Hey guys!

As you guys know from my last post, I’ve been sent Justine Tissue Oil from Beauty Bulletin and Justine. I’m currently testing out this product to see if it’s as good as everyone is raving about. 

How effective is this product so far in reducing scars? 

During the fifth to seventh day of using this product, my skin broke out with many pimples. I’m not quite sure if it was due to the fact that I applied too much of oil or if it was cleaning my skin from the inside. I have noticed that my ance scars are reducing and fading a little as compared to before. 

Does my skin feel firmer? 

Yes, definitely! Whenever I apply any oil onto my skin, I always make sure that it’s massaged in a circular rotation, as this stimulates the blood flow in that particular area, and thus the product will be absorbed.

Have I noticed any improvement in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and smoothness of skin? 

I don’t have any wrinkles, but my skin is feeling more smooth and soft after I use the Tissue Oil. My skin feels hydrated throughout the day and night when I do have the Tissue Oil applied but once I remove it, my skin becomes extremely dry.