Skin Republic 

I was abit worried when I had received the ANTI-AGE face masks from Skin Republic. Do they really think I look that old? So many of you guys messaged me asking why I’m using such a product while I’m still a teen, and I had to keep making excuses. 

To be honest, many people think I’m twenty something; that’s WITH and WITHOUT makeup. So what choice did I have?  When my sister had given birth earlier on this year, some old cranky aunties came to visit her. It was just my luck that they had to see me and enquire about my life *sigh* (such typical Indians). They honestly thought I was getting married, 25 and older than my sister who had just gave birth. Yes! They were unbelievable!! 
I was definitely going to try these face masks after all my embarrassing old face experiences. I’m not sure whether it helped me to look younger but it sure did make my skin feel smooth and reguvenated.

Better skin in just 4 weeks!

Who is Skin Republic?
Skin Republic is an innovative range of sheet masks (yes, those scary Hannibal Lecter sheet masks you’ve seen all over celebrities Instagram accounts) targeting skin care concerns from top-to-toe.

The range is made in Korea- the skin care capital of the world– dermatologist tested and suitable for all skin types. 

Did you know your skin regenerates every 27 days? 

It takes just under a month for you to see the effects of a new skin care regime. 

The Collagen Infusion Face Mask will help: 

  • Promote firmer, younger looking skin
  • Revitalize and rejuvenate
  • Unlock your inner glow

So maybe it didn’t help me to look 12 again but it sure did rejuvenate my skin and unlock my inner sparkle. 


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