1st Impression of Justine Tissue Oil

Beauty Bulletin and Justine have been so kind and sent me their new and improved formula of Justine Tissue Oil. I have never used the brand Justine before, so I simply can not wait to see the difference it makes to my skin in the next month. 

As a teenager, I suffer with ance that definitely leaves horrible scars and stretch marks always finds its way to appear on my skin. For a person who has dry skin, this product is a MUST! It’s smooth and nourishes the skin which is perfect for this winter.

What I love most about this product is that it contains natural oils and many vitamins which assist in rejuvenating damaged skin, especially scars and stretch marks. Whenever I’m looking for skincare products, I always look for products that are natural, as they are much safer and healthier to use. 

The packaging of the product is simple and yet so elegant. It comes in a white and orange box that contains a bottle of 100ml of tissue oil.

As soon as I applied this oil to my bare skin, I fell in love with the smell of this product- it is a mixture of sweet almonds and coconut. 

Before applying any product, I always steam my face. The steam opens up my pores and I feel like the product will be more effective. After steaming my face for 10 minutes, I massage this oil onto my face. During the process of massaging my cheeks, I felt that the product absorbed into my skin easily as it was light textured and did not leave my face greasy like how other products do. 

It moisturizers the skin up to 24 hours after applying it on the first go, so my skin feels rejuvenated and fresh. I am really pleased with this product so far and I can not wait to see the difference during the next 4 weeks. 

For the final review, I will be doing a YouTube video, including each time period I used this product. So make sure to stay tuned to my blog and Instagram, to know when that will be up. Also a thanks to Justine and Beauty Bulletin for giving me a chance to try out this product. 


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