After 2 weeks: Justine Tissue Oil 

Justine Tissue Oil is filled with natural oils and Vitamins E & A, which works exceptionally well for damaged skin. 

During my first week of using this product, I was disappointed as it caused a major break out of acne. I was advised by everyone to stop using this product as the ance was rather horrendous. But I insisted to carry on and after using it for 2 weeks in a row, my skins reaction has been changing drastically. My pimples are reducing faster than usual and the marks and scars that I have previously had, are beginning to disappear. 

My skin feels extremely smooth when I apply this Tissue Oil compared to before. I use about 2 drops per use about 3 times a day and it’s sufficient for my skin. In this way, my skin is prevented from being over-clogged with oil. I apply this Oil straight after a hot shower or facial and my open pores are inviting to this Oil. 

As my skin is easily damaged and burnt, this product has reduced the amount of redness and the dark spots I receive on a regular bases. My skin definitely feels lighter, cleaner, firmer and the overall appearance of my skin is improving. 


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