First impressions of Neutrogena Visibly Clear, Spot Proofing range

Beauty Bulletin has sent me five Neutrogena products to help with clearing up pimples, which also acts as a defender against new breakouts. For the next 4 weeks, I am going to be sharing my journey and experiences using these products and what the pros and cons are. All of these products can be purchased at any drug store for R109,95 per product. 

I normally get about 1-3 pimples once a month, which sometimes take a while to disappear. I have tried different masks and medication for my acne but I’m not always satisfied with the end result. So by using these Neutrogena products, I’m hoping to get a more clear and spot-free look. 

The five products are:

  • Daily wash
  • Smoothing scrub 
  • Purifying toner 
  • Oil-free moisturizer 
  • 2 in 1 wash mask 

These cleansers work from outside in. It is also meant to leave most of the skins essential nutrients intact by building up a natural shield to block new spots. Most face washes and scrubs normally drain out all of your skins nutrients and makes your skin over dry. As a person with rather dry skin, I prefer using products that will hydrate the skin and make it look more nourished and healthy. 

Being a fan of fruit scented products, I find these products to be tropical based as it seems to have a slight fragrance of pineapple, which I love. 

My first impression after using all these products is that they all have left my skin feeling softer and more radiant. The purifying toner and oil free moisturizer soaks into my skin easily after a massaged rotation. The smoothing scrub is not harsh and rough towards the skin. After using the daily wash for the first time, my skin feels refreshed and light. 

I definitely can not wait to see the difference to my skin over the next month as use these products for the first time. 


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