The end result: Justine Tissue Oil

Hey guys… – do check out my YouTube video for the final review of this product.

After using this Oil for 2-3 weeks, I’ve noticed a slight change in my skin. My skin is looking lighter and less scarred than what it was. I had quite a few dark spots on my face, and this oil helped to clear it all up. 

My skin does feel a lot more firmer, and hydrated. The texture of this oil is thick, therefore I usually apply 3 drops to my skin, so I don’t have an excess of oil sitting on my face that does not absorb. 

One beauty hack that worked with this product was that: it allowed my foundation and BB cream to settle on my face with a lighter and smoother texture. It gave a glowy finish to the makeup look. 

I would normally use coconut oil and argon oil on my skin for nourishment and to help my ance scars to fade, but I found that this Justine Oil is for effective than those products. 

I definitely would repurchase this as it appealed to my skin type: dry skin. 


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