First radio interview 

My body refused to run out of the studio while my voice disappeared leaving me stuck at the middle of the sentence, not remembering the three questions that jumbled up in my mind and saying nothing further than AND  at the end of the answer that was not fully answered due to the adrenaline that freaked me out. 

Ohhhkaayyy… You must be thinking that what you just read was super wacko but I was petrified and all those emotions I was feeling as I was on air. I still can not get over the whole experience. 

I was interviewed by Seraj Bassa on the ‘Drive Home Experience’. The Alansaar crew were welcoming and kept telling me to relax and just be myself, but being the anxiety freak that I am, I froze. I was prepared for months before hand but as soon as I was put on air, everything I planned to speak about came out in *Gibberish*. 

Maybe I’m just over-exaggerating but the emotions were there for sure. The 10 minutes interview felt like it was going on forever and I was so nervous that I repeated the word ‘personally’ so many times without acknowledging that I was even doing that. 

Everyone had told me in advance that they were tuning in to that station specifically to hear me, which did not help when Seraj told me to imagine that no one is listening to you. But maybe I’m critising this whole chapter way too much. 

Overall- the audience said that they enjoyed listening to me speak about my BLOGGING LIFE. And I was congratulated by many. When I had replayed the recording, I was scared that I would have hurt the audience ears with my voice but…. I was revealed that it was not that bad for my first time. 

And as for Seraj, it seem like second nature. He spoke from the top of his head and remained totally relaxed. I guess he is used to it since he has been presenting for years on radio. I would like to thank him for taking some time of his show to interview me. It was a scary experience but I can not imagine not doing and learning from that for the future.

What is Imaan?

Hey guys… so one of my close friends has started a blog to inspire the youth. It will definitely benefit and inspire you to become the ‘better you’, which I spoke about in my last post. Let’s see whether our 2017 ‘BETTER YOURSELF CHALLENGE’ is going to pass with flying colors. And what could be a better way in becoming the best you can be by learning from someone else? Make sure to check out his page and follow.

Life of a believer

Imaan is the most beautiful gift a person can receive. There are approximately 7 billion people on this earth and yet Allah has chosen and blessed us with this great gift of imaan. Imaan isn’t just saying that you believe in Allah and his Rasool but it’s saying it with total conviction and sincerity. Every Muslim has imaan but does every Muslim practice on this imaan and make it stronger? Everyone of us is guilty of this. We need to remember that Allah  does not need us , we are merely slaves trapped in this world. Every person on this earth exists solely to worship Allah . Allah can easily snatch away this gift of imaan. We have to learn to live our lives in such a manner that Allah becomes pleased with us. The sahaaba were such people by which Allah was pleased with them and they were pleased…

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Not exactly a new me! 

“New year, new me”- why does every year start off with this saying? Yes, you want to become a better you. Yes, you want to go to the gym. Yes, you want to do well in school. But are these goals that you set for yourself worth it? I would prefer saying – “Another day, another bipolar me”. Let’s face it, no one has the same mood everyday and there is not always a day that something new falls from the coconut tree. And I’m definitely sure that “2017” is not going to change you within seconds during that New Year’s Eve party. But there’s no harm in putting in the extra effort to change for the better throughout the year. *ponders about why I run a blog when I’m useless at giving advice*
Oh my gosh! I didn’t realize it was such a big deal until the needle touched 00:00 on New Years. What exactly? MATRIC! The final year of school and I should be excited that I’m leaving that prison, but the anxiety of thinking that I need to get into university has been pushing down on my shoulders from that night. 

So I’m not entirely sure how my blog is going to work for this year as I have to work twice as hard to score all A’s- is that counted as a New Years resolution? I won’t promise you guys that I will have a blog post every week, because there’s a high possibility that I will not have any access to gadgets during the year. But if I do find the time and I manage to sneak my phone out of my parents wardrobe (just because I’m such an uncool rebel) then you know what to expect. Perhaps it would be a good detox from social media. 

Goals for 2017? 

Well mine is just as cliché as every year, with the normal “become a better me” but as the year goes on I will see where I am suppose to be. Everyone has their own views on 2016 and whether it was a good or bad year for them, but I think that 2016 taught me more than I should have known for a 17 year old. Friend drama, fights, bad grades…. You can name it. But there were a few sparks that will always steal the spotlight when I think back to 2016. But that is so last year so I’m not going to talk about it any further. 

So here’s to a great year ahead! Here’s to leaving aside the people that blue ticked you, the people who talked behind your back, and the people who don’t treasure and love the real YOU! Here’s to forgetting the past and just doing your best. Because why would you want to waste another year of your life for no reason? 

Skin Republic 

I was abit worried when I had received the ANTI-AGE face masks from Skin Republic. Do they really think I look that old? So many of you guys messaged me asking why I’m using such a product while I’m still a teen, and I had to keep making excuses. 

To be honest, many people think I’m twenty something; that’s WITH and WITHOUT makeup. So what choice did I have?  When my sister had given birth earlier on this year, some old cranky aunties came to visit her. It was just my luck that they had to see me and enquire about my life *sigh* (such typical Indians). They honestly thought I was getting married, 25 and older than my sister who had just gave birth. Yes! They were unbelievable!! 

I was definitely going to try these face masks after all my embarrassing old face experiences. I’m not sure whether it helped me to look younger but it sure did make my skin feel smooth and reguvenated.

Better skin in just 4 weeks!

Who is Skin Republic?
Skin Republic is an innovative range of sheet masks (yes, those scary Hannibal Lecter sheet masks you’ve seen all over celebrities Instagram accounts) targeting skin care concerns from top-to-toe.

The range is made in Korea- the skin care capital of the world– dermatologist tested and suitable for all skin types. 

Did you know your skin regenerates every 27 days? 

It takes just under a month for you to see the effects of a new skin care regime. 

The Collagen Infusion Face Mask will help: 

  • Promote firmer, younger looking skin
  • Revitalize and rejuvenate
  • Unlock your inner glow

So maybe it didn’t help me to look 12 again but it sure did rejuvenate my skin and unlock my inner sparkle. 

Himalaya Toner 

The Himalaya Refreshing & Clarifying Toner is my new best friend, as few alcohol free drops cleanses all your pores with just a cotton pad. 
It refreshes your skin without over drying it as well as tightens the skin. It helps to control excess oil secretion to leave your skin clear, soft and radiant. 

The lentil and citrus lemon is a natural astringent and cleanser, but besides the obvious, it smells really good. My first impression of this product wasn’t a ‘WOW’ing one but after I’ve seen the results, I can’t stop using it. 

Peel off lip stains 

I’m sure you guys have heard about The Huda Beauty lipstains and it’s magic. But have you come across the fakes?

I purchased this from a local makeup retailer who was selling it at R70 and was anxious to find out whether this product was another fakey.

 •Firstly, the low price gave it away 

•Secondly, it didn’t stain my lips at all

•and Thirdly, it cut my lips. 

Once again, another makeup item is completely unless and simply harms your lips. You can definitely cover up a pimple or mark with concealer and foundation but how can you cover up swollen lips? 


OH MY GLOSS!!! Have you tried out Rimmel London’s  new range of lip glosses? I’m not usually a fan of glossy lips but this one just won me over. This is in the OOH LA LA shade. It lasts up to 6 hours of shine and comfort. This definitely leaves my lips feeling way more moisturized as it contains Argan Oil and Vitamin E.

Removing solution 

The struggle to remove my not so winged eyeliner and mascara with water and face wash has come to an end at last. For those, who are still in that boat, you better carry on reading. I finally got my hands on a makeup removing solution and I’m excited to announce that it is from the bioderma range. 

This is first time I’m trying out this product from this brand, and I can’t wait to try out more merchandise. 

But anyways… I love this product because it takes out makeup completely and does not require a ‘rinse your face’ after the process. It cleanses and soothes the skin especially if it is sensitive. It ensures that all impurities are removed which can prevent acne which I think is definitely a BONUS. 

It’s a easy way out on nights when you feel too tired to remove your makeup and it doesn’t take more than a minute or two to use this product; just because it’s that good. 

Nivea Perfect & radiant: Day cream

Need a perfect glow that restores even skin tone for a radiant complexion? ✨ We all need special care to restore our skin tone and natural radiance while being protected from the sun. 😎

A couple of weeks ago, I had won a Nivea competition held by @modestfashionblogger_ 💕 She was ever so kind and picked out her favorite products from Nivea’s range. 

The Facial Day Cream is SPF 15. To be honest, creams including a sunscreen protectors have saved me so much of time on a busy or rushed morning. Plus it’s light on the skin which is extremely refreshing ⏱

Results: • inner radiance is revealed ✅

•dark marks and spots are reduced✅

•the skin is more mattified ✅

• the complexion is improved as the skin tone is evened out✅

•the skin is left feeling smooth and smooth ✅

Spring Guidelines 

“As the days and months pass, we notice a change in the climate and temperature around us. This change that occurs is known to all of us as the different seasons. We also notice everything reacting to this change in its own unique way, such as birds migrating to warmer climates and plants either blooming or withering and drying out.

Similarly, our bodies also undergo certain changes to adjust to these changes in the climate. These adjustments which we make, whether consciously or sub-consciously, are to ensure that we derive the maximum benefit from the relevant season as well as save ourselves from its harms.

However, in today’s age of ‘modernization’ and ‘progress’, most of us ignore the pleadings of our bodies and continue with a fixed set of habits throughout the year, thereby not affording the body a chance to truly benefit from the seasonal changes.

We commence with the discussion on spring as we are presently experiencing this season. Firstly, one should realize that spring commences as the cold of winter subsides. This season occurs between summer and winter and acts as an interim period between the two, gradually taking us from one extreme to the other. Therefore, one will find that during the early period of spring, the temperature is more relative to cold (winter) and as we near summer, it heats up and becomes more relative to heat (summer). It is this gradual change from the cold of winter to the warmth of summer that we call spring.

During this season, we notice that the days are warm to hot, yet the evenings and nights are nippy. As the climate warms up, we find all types of vegetation and plants etc. begin to bloom and we practically witness the effect that the mild heat associated with the moisture of watering has on plants.

This season also has an effect on our bodies. This mild heat coupled with moisture is ideal for good health. However, as the heat increases, it also starts mobilizing those humours of the body that were dormant due the cold of the winter season. We therefore sometimes notice the body breaking out into rashes and pimples etc. more frequently than in any other season. Certain allergies are also more common during this period. This is a natural process by which the body detoxifies and cleans itself from unwanted humors and toxins.

We now conclude with a few guidelines to follow during this season:

  • Dress warmly during the evenings, especially from just before sunset until after sunrise to counteract the chilliness of the evenings.
  •  Help the body detoxify itself by using a purgative, diet or by fasting etc. This will help decrease the severity of the natural process of detoxification.

Note: A purgative and diet should only be administered with the consultation and advice of a qualified hakeem or health professional.

  •  Increase fluid intake, especially water. This has a twofold benefit:

(1) It helps to eliminate toxins and

(2) it increases the moisture of the body and cools it down to counteract the increasing heat of spring.

  • Decrease foods that are hot in temperament and nature. However, do not stop altogether.”

Adapted and summarized from “Your Health” by Moulana Hakeem Jalil Muhammad Pandor (An Nasihah vol. 88)